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iPhone Weather Applications

Good iPhone App AeroWeather Pilots can now get precise weather on their iPhone
Good iPhone App BOMradar Look at the rain radar in Australia on your iPhone
  Hong Kong Weather Download this iPhone app for Japan's weather
Good iPhone App ICSC Clear Sky Chart Download this chart to predict the weather
  iWind Italia Find out the wind and forcast anywhere on your iPhone
Good iPhone App New Zealand Snow Reports Use your iPhone to find snow conditions
  nWeather This iPhone application tells you the weather in Norway
  SkiQc See the snow report for Quebec ski resorts on this iPhone app
Bad iPhone App SnoCountry Track the snow reports from two of your favorite resorts
Good iPhone App Snow Report Get the latest snow reports from North Face on your iPhone
Good iPhone App Tide App Download thits app to see tide conditions and predictions
Good iPhone App Weather Bug Get local weather when you download this free iPhone App
Good iPhone App Weather Channel Access the Weather Channel's reliable info on your iPhone
Bad iPhone App WeatherEye Download this iPhone app to find the local weather
Bad iPhone App Who Is Hot? This free iPhone app tells you your friend's weather
Good iPhone App WorldNow Download this app to find the time and weather anywhere


iPhone Weather Applications

Good iPhone App

Accuweather Get accurate weather and forecasts nationwide and worldwide
  Australia Wind Find out the weather throughout Austraila including wind data Use your iPhone to get weather info from airports worldwide - Wireless Weather for General Aviation Worldwide airport weather
  Bath, Maine Weathercams See what it looks like outside Bath, Maine
Good iPhone App European Weather: Animated View the heat index, humidity, dew point... World Weather Local weather, 7 day forcasts, and animated maps
  Freekat Weather View local weather and the 10 day forecast
  iAviation Weather reports from airports throughout the world
  Kais Phases of the moon See which phase of moon will shine throughout the year Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to get the Marine forecast
  Météo des Comptoirs French version of the weather
  Meteosat Check out the Meteosat images from Eumetsat
  NavMonster - The GA Pilot’s Pre-Flight Web Site View aviation weather maps
  Oz Weather Australian weather forecasts for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  Pollen Report View the daily pollen report on your iPhone or iPod Touch
Good iPhone App Rain Forecast Sweden View hourly weather forecasts in Sweden
  Stormchaser Cloud Reference Chart Learn about the cloud type you see
  Sunrise & Sunset Find out when the sun will set or rise any time of the year
  Tide App View current tide conditions and predictions
Good iPhone App USA Weather: Animated View the heat index, humidity, dew point...
  Weather (Tinbu) National and local weather forecasts, 7 day outlook
  Weather forecast with Live camera Japanese weather with a live camera