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iPhone Thumbs Up 1337pwn Xbox Live Friends Application Connect with Xbox gamers
iPhone Thumbs Down ActiveEagle Free iPhone application that interfaces with FireEagle
iPhone Thumbs Up Add Xbox Live Friend Add GamerTags to your X box friends list vix
iPhone Thumbs Down AIM Dowload this app to chat with all your AOL/AIM buddies
iPhone Thumbs Down AnQuest Discretely ask your questions and get answers soon from others
iPhone Thumbs Down Answers Ask questions then wait for the community to send their answers
iPhone Thumbs Down Black Hole Forums Share your opinion about a variety of topics
iPhone Thumbs Down bliin Get information about your, or your friend's, location with this free app
iPhone Thumbs Up BlogWriter Update your blog with your iPhone when you download this app
iPhone Thumbs Up Bluepulse Chat with any web-enabled cell phone user
iPhone Thumbs Down Breakkup Online community to help others through their break ups
iPhone Thumbs Up BrightKite Meet people whereever you go when you register
iPhone Thumbs Down ByNotes Send text messages while giving your friends your status
iPhone Thumbs Up Carticipate Connect with others heading your direction so you can share a ride
iPhone Thumbs Up CellSpin Pix Audio Txt Voice, photo, and text blog to your favorite websites
iPhone Thumbs Down CenceMe Text your friends while their iPhone senses what it is they are doing
iPhone Thumbs Up Crush or Flush Vote the pics, and when there's a match, you'll get hooked up
iPhone Thumbs Up Daily Mugshot Take pics of yourself then add it to your website or blog
iPhone Thumbs Down Daily Poll Download this free iPhone App to take polls and see results
iPhone Thumbs Up Demyko iPhone application to join the Demyko online community
iPhone Thumbs Down Eventful Find local events and see what your friends want to do
iPhone Thumbs Up F-MyLife Read posts by others that led them to say... F--- My Life
iPhone Thumbs Up Facebook Connect and share info on Facebook when you download this app
iPhone Thumbs Up Fliq iPhone/iPod Touch application, send your photos to other iPhone or Mac users
iPhone Thumbs Up Fring Chat with Fringsters using your favorite IM service or VoIP
iPhone Thumbs Down Geeks Stay in touch with with geeks just like you using your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Glue Find your friend's favorite movies, music, and books through your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Gooey Stay informed with your upcoming events with your new assistant
iPhone Thumbs Up GPSTwit Update your Twitter status with this free iPhone application
iPhone Thumbs Up Graffitio Find out what others wrote about restaurants and area hot spots
iPhone Thumbs Down Grassr Organize and review your games, cds, and books
iPhone Thumbs Down Gravtastic Assign contact photos to all your contacts and pick what others see
iPhone Thumbs Up Gyazickr Add a caption to your photo, send it to Twitter using your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Handshake Share your contact info with others around you
iPhone Thumbs Up Hatena Touch Update your diary on Hatena using your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Hyves Communicate with friends by texting, sharing photos and more
  iBear Polls Use your iPhone to share your opinion on a variety of topics
iPhone Thumbs Up iCloseBy WiFi Connect to other WiFi users through your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up iGloo Post content to your website through your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up IM+ All-In-One Mobile Messenger Chat on Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, Google, Jabber...
iPhone Thumbs Up iTooGz In french, find local events through your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up iUniqable Download this app to upload photos to Facebook and Flickr
iPhone Thumbs Up Jirbo Avatar Download this free iPhone application to create your own avatar
iPhone Thumbs Up JustUpdate Download this application to update your Twitter status
iPhone Thumbs Up Lifecast An iPhone blogging and journal application you can use on the go
iPhone Thumbs Down Limbo See where your friends are, what they are doing, who they are with
iPhone Thumbs Down Lingr Download this app to chat on on your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up LinkedIn Stay connected to LinkedIn, make updates through your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up LiveDoor Japanese iPhone application that lets you chat with your friends
iPhone Thumbs Up LiveJournal Post new entries to your LiveJournal and receive updates
iPhone Thumbs Up Lokalisten A German application for chat and viewing profiles
iPhone Thumbs Down LivingSocial Meet new people and try new things using your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Loopt Find out where your friends are and what they are doing
iPhone Thumbs Down MarcoPolo Download this free iPhone app to connect to your Facebook friends
iPhone Thumbs Down me2DAY Korean application that lets you chat on
iPhone Thumbs Up Mixi Japanese social networking site called Mixi on your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up MixiDock Japanese application that let's you post photos and info to Mixi
iPhone Thumbs Down Mobile Linked IM Now you can IM your friends on Yahoo, MSN, and others
iPhone Thumbs Up Moblyng Create and post your slideshows to your favorite sites
iPhone Thumbs Down Moxmity Combines your favorite social site with local information
iPhone Thumbs Up MySpace Mobile Download this free iPhone application to access MySpace
iPhone Thumbs Up NatsuLion Access Twitter when you download this free iPhone application
iPhone Thumbs Up Netlog Social network in various languages that allow you to stay in touch
iPhone Thumbs Up Next2Friends Create and answer polls then see the results on your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Nimbuzz Free calls, chats, messaging and more when you download this app
iPhone Thumbs Down nrme Use your iPhone to chat with folks near you and find out what's going on
iPhone Thumbs Up oneConnect Yahoo! iphone application lets you connect to all of your friends
iPhone Thumbs Up Palringo Instant Messenger IM through your favorite service and more
iPhone Thumbs Up Papaya Mobile Chat, play games, and more when you download this free app
iPhone Thumbs Up PhoneZap Download this free iPhone application and share your pictures
iPhone Thumbs Up PhotoKast Submit your photos for others to vote on and share
iPhone Thumbs Up PhotoSwap This app shares your photo with another, and you get theirs
iPhone Thumbs Up Plum Share photos, websites, notes and more through your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Pownce Download this free app to share stuff with your friends
iPhone Thumbs Down Public Spirit Chinese posters translated into English
iPhone Thumbs Down Puppyo! Talk to only those near you or with anyone worldwide
iPhone Thumbs Up Q Contacts A fast way to call, chat or e-mail your iPhone contacts
iPhone Thumbs Up QQ Chat with other mobile users when you download this iPhone app
iPhone Thumbs Down RangeIt Find things around you that you can buy, sell, borrow, lend...
iPhone Thumbs Up Rejaw Download this free iPhone application to read messages from
iPhone Thumbs Down ShoZu - Send & Share Send your photos to over 50 social sites
iPhone Thumbs Up SnapDat Share your contact info when you download this free iPhone app
  Sodasnap Instant Postcards Create and share postcards using this iPhone app
iPhone Thumbs Down Spidr Download this free application to connect to your friends
iPhone Thumbs Down Storyz Share photos and vidoes using your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Strands Keep track of your friends across multiple social networking sites
iPhone Thumbs Down TruPhone for iPhone iPhone application that make calls over the internet
iPhone Thumbs Down TruPhone for iPod Touch iPod Touch users can call other TruPhone users
iPhone Thumbs Up Tumble Post photos, quotes, links, and more to your Tumblr account
iPhone Thumbs Up Tumblr Post photos, quotes, links, and more to your Tumblr account
iPhone Thumbs Up Twinkle Connect with friends and update your Twitter account
iPhone Thumbs Up Twittlelator Update your Twitter photos and connect with new friends
iPhone Thumbs Up Twitfire Post your pictures to Twitter with this free iPhone application
iPhone Thumbs Up Twitterific Read and publish Tweets on Twitter using your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Twittervision A fun way to read Twitter posts and search topics
iPhone Thumbs Down Twitxr Share your photos with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Picasa...
iPhone Thumbs Up TypePad Update your blog with this free application you can download to your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Vringo Automatically saves your friends Facebook photos to your iPhone contacts
iPhone Thumbs Down WalkAMap Hong Kong Find the best places to eat in Hong Kong
iPhone Thumbs Up Wherester Post journals with audio, photos, and text through the iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up WhosHere Find out who matches your profile that's near you, then send a message
iPhone Thumbs Down Whrrl See where your friends have been in your town and their rating
iPhone Thumbs Up Wordpress Download this free app to create and edit your Wordpress blog
iPhone Thumbs Up XBLFriends Access your Xbox Live buddy list and see what they are playing
iPhone Thumbs Down XING Manage your contacts, search for people, send and receieve messages
  Yahoo!oneConnect Download this app to access your Yahoo! adresss book, IM, and more
iPhone Thumbs Down Yo Hottie Rate photos of men and women, or submit your own photo
iPhone Thumbs Up Ziibii Read RSS feeds in a cool way and still access Twitter
iPhone Thumbs Up Zintin Share pics with scribbles and notes with your friends



iPhone Socializing Web Applications

  @eventtrack See what's up with members who posted to the @eventtrack service
  Affinitiz Manage your blog, chat privately with your friends in English or French
iPhone Thumbs Up Babe vs Babe Use your iPhone to vote who is the better looking babe
iPhone Thumbs Up BackNoise Join an existing conversation or create your own
  Bing11 A scheduling tool to plan events and meet your friends
  Blind Date Ask the 3 contestants questions then find out who your blind date is
  bMarks Submit news, websites, articles for other members to review and rate
  Bob.Chatter Chatting Made Simple Chat with friends or new people
  Buddy Beacon See what your friends are up to, even if they aren't on the iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Ccube Use your iPhone to make phone calls without revealing your phone number
iPhone Thumbs Down Connexion A place to meet Gay and Lesbian friends to network, chat, and meet
  Crush or Flush Use your iPhone to chat, flirt, and meet other cool people
  Daayu Share your pictures and videos easily. Site supports many languages
  Das Kotzt mich an German site that allows you to release your frustrations
iPhone Thumbs Up Dating DNA See photos and find compatible dates directly from your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Docoloco - Australian Local Recommendations Read reviews about Aussie places
  Downelink Access the community for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender
  DurgleChecker An alternative way to send a text message to another mobile phone
  DurgleSender Send SMS text messages to anyone on any US network
  eBuddy Lite Messenger Chat on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google, ICQ, MySpace & Facebook
  Enophi Social RSS feeds you can share with your friends right from your iPhone
  Executive Career Podcasts Get expert advice on how to advance your career
  Express Sites Enter your favorite website and see what others have selected
iPhone Thumbs Up Facebook Visit Facebook on this site designed specifically for the iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Flirtomatic Find cool folks in the UK to flirt with through your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Floort - We know what you’re thinking Give your opinion on topics and share with others
iPhone Thumbs Up Fluther Ask your question and get real time answers from the community
iPhone Thumbs Up Fon11 Stay in touch with your friends and find out their status.
  ForeverChatMAX You can have discussions and enter chat rooms from your iPhone
  Foyage Find new friends and cool places to visit
iPhone Thumbs Down FunkySexyCool Log in to this site to find other funky, sexy, and cool folks
  Geeks Social Netwrk Stay in touch with other geeks using your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up GoogleTalk Now you can chat through Google Talk using your iPhone
  Groovr A private social networking where you can share pictures and other info
  Hahlo All the fun features of Twitter, like timelines and messaging, right on your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up iBlogMovie Users blog about movies before, during and after they watch it
iPhone Thumbs Down iCalConsult Access your shared iCalendar through this webapp
iPhone Thumbs Down iDateNow Find a date by logging into this site with your iPhone
  iEatClub View, submit photos and reviews of the restaurants iPhone users eat at
  iF8ne Access Facebook, update your status, view photo albums, and more
  iFeel Express your feelings and get feedback from others
  iFob Chat with nearby folks who are using the same wi-fi connection as you
  iLicious - Delicious for the iPhone Access your bookmarks, inbox, subscriptions
iPhone Thumbs Down iLovr Enter your partner's name and calculate the love factor between you two
iPhone Thumbs Up IM+ for Skype Voice and text other Skype users through your iPhone
  iPhoneChatClient Use your iPhone to chat with AIM users
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhoneColony Online community for iPhone users
  iPling :)) Find cool people that share your interests and strike up a conversation
  iReview Post and read reviews of anything that the iPhone can take a picture of
  iRovr Chat, share photos and links with other iPhone and iPod touch users
iPhone Thumbs Up iSign Look at the American alphabet in sign language on your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up iTookThisToday Snap pictures, e-mail them, and it'll automatically be posted on the web
iPhone Thumbs Up Jamkai - Personalize.Discover.Mobilize. Connect with other folks like yourself
  JiveTalk Chat simultaneously on AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, AOL, MSN, Google...
  JustUpdate A free way to update your Twitter status
  Kompoz Music Collaboration For musicians worldwide to collaborate on songs
  KoollageView micromedia content called pods. Find and share your favorites
  Kyte Chat with your friends while you watch their videos and slide shows Check out the best links for the iPhone and macs, comment, and vote
iPhone Thumbs Down MassageM4M Visit this site to find where to go for male and gay massages
  Mibbit IRC Client Chat with the IRC world right from your iPhone
  Min Mobil Karta Swedish site to access the Min Mobil Karta website
  Minou Chat Nice iPhone chat application that includes games and personalization
  Mippin Get the latest news, blogs and web content designed for your iPhone
  Mobicue Connect with Mobicue members, chat on any of the major IM networks
  Mobile Wine List Connect with other wine connoisseurs and share comments on various wines
iPhone Thumbs Down MocoSpace This iPhone only webapp is a large mobile community
  Mojits Browse iPhone web apps designed for the iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Multiply Use your iPhone to acess this family-friendly file sharing site Keep your address book online and connect with them
iPhone Thumbs Up MySpace for iPhone Visit MySpace on an interface designed for your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Netlog Mobile Social network in various languages that allow you to stay in touch
  Peekamo Send text message to any mobile phone
iPhone Thumbs Down Phonemeeter Meet and stay in touch with people near you
  Picasa Web Photo Albums Mobile Share your photo albums, sized for the iPhone
  Pikeo Share photos that includes a map interface and details about the photos
  PlayTalk A blog for iPhones & mobiles so that you can keep your friends informed
  PocketTweets Twitter webapp so you can sty in touch while on the go
  Podcasts from Zurich Watch Swedish podcasts straight from Switzerland
  Poker Guide Poker rules, history, glossary, and more
  ProDigits A community of bloggers and create your own photo albums
  Radar Share your iPhone photos and videos with your friends
  RF Dialer Use your Iphone to connect to friends calling through the internet
  rippll - the social map! Find your friends, flirt with nearby folks, other local info
  Salenook Advertise your garage sale and any items you want to sell
  Secret Women's Business Network A blog for wome in business
  Send SMS Messages Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to text msg anyone
iPhone Thumbs Up Shockfolio This is a "platform" for actors, musicians, photographers and talent professionals
  SnapMyLife Instantly share your iPhone photos and see what your friends submitted
  Social Media Community Collaborator Learn to market on Digg, Propeller, Youtube...
  Solomodels Services for fashion models and photographers easily accessible on your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down Soulmate Oracle Click the cards to get a reading about your soulmate
  Spreed Connect Use your iPhone to make internet calls
iPhone Thumbs Up Strands Keep track of your friends across multiple social networking sites
  Swaggle Use this site to send group SMS text messages
  Tap & Go Use your iPhone to add places of interest to your Google Maps
  Tap Your Friends Add your friends to your home screen, tap them for their profile
  Tapatap Photo Games Share photos, play games, and meet folks on through your iPhone
  Tell Me Send your friends a questionaire to learn more about them
  This Could Be Huge Online dating community, ask and answer questions
  Thursday Club Mobile Find cool local bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels
  TigerMe on the Run Business solutions using ShareMe and MailMe
  TinyBuddy IM Use your iPhone to chat with your AOL or .mac buddies
  Tittr Share your iPhone photos wih your friends, similar to Twitter and Flickr
  Touch2TXT Designed for iPod Touch users for text messaging around the globe
  Treemo This iPhone webapp allows you to set up your own flirt page
  Tribesmart Social shopping site with product reviews and opinions
  Tumblr iPostr Post to using “text”, “photo”, “quote”, “link” or “chat”
  TVPORT Share your iPhone and iPod Touch bookmarks
  Twitter Alerts Get notified via e-mail when the search term you select appears on Twitter
iPhone Thumbs Up Twitter on ThinCloud Friendly iPhone version of everything Twitter offers through ThinCloud
  Upoc Share text, picture, and voice messages with other Upoc members
  Viddyou Video Blog Keep all of your personal videos handy and iPhone accessble
  Voice & SMS Messaging Send voice, SMS and emails to your groups from your iPhone
  Wadja Mobile Social Network Make friends, chat, share photos, videos, and read RSS feeds
  Wamaja Meet new friends, flirt, chat, update your profile, and more
  webChattr - Live Chat Rooms Chat with multiple users and create private chat rooms
  WeBot for iPhone Access music and pictures on your iPhone from any broadband PC
  Weedee Access your profile, then connect and find people and organizations on your iPhone
  Which iPhone Social network? Find out from users which Social Network you should join
  Winksite. Love the Mobile Web Create a mobile site that can be shared used on any phone.
  XING Manage you contacts, search for people, or even send and receive messages
  yofrog - Group Chat Easy way to send text messages to a group of your friends
  Your Mobile Life LIVE Instantly share your pictures, videos, and text messages
  YourVids Share your videos and see what others have submitted
  Zannel Share pictures, videos, text, then chat with you buddies, or meet new ones
iPhone Thumbs Up ZKOUT - The social network that follows you Share pics/video with nearby folks, worldwide
iPhone Thumbs Up ZYB Access your contacts and calendar through your iPhone